What about the building?

The 4 story brown building on the corner of 5th and Elm in Long Beach was built in 1922 and was originally the AT&T Overseas Operator Building. After the Long Beach Earthquake in 1933 the building was rebuilt and continued to be used as a telephone operator’s building.

The building stood vacant for a while and was purchased in the 1980s for conversion to an office building; the developer improved the building seismically but did not complete the project.

MHA bought the vacant property on January 2, 1990 to use as the site for the Village.






 Your support helps those with mental illness live with quality and equality.






Transitional Age Youth (TAY)

MHA TAY Academy focuses on helping young adults with mental illness and severe emotional disturbances fully integrate into the community. With an emphasis on employment and education, MHA TAY Academy encourages discovery on the journey to recovery and a higher quality of life.

The enrollment criteria is as follows:  

1. 18-25 years old
2. Axis I Diagnosis
3. Aging out of children's Mental Health, Juvenile Justice, DCFS
4. At risk of homelessness, jail, or hospitalization
5. Reside in Service Area 8 (map)


Please understand that the staff at MHA TAY Academy partner with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health to determine eligibility of potential members.

A DMH Application is required. All referrals (from self, mental health providers, DCPS, prohibition, hospital, church, phsyician, and school) must go through the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health adult navigators.

For more information, please contact the Long Beach/South Bay Geographic Initiative at (562) 435-3037.