What about the building?

The 4 story brown building on the corner of 5th and Elm in Long Beach was built in 1922 and was originally the AT&T Overseas Operator Building. After the Long Beach Earthquake in 1933 the building was rebuilt and continued to be used as a telephone operator’s building.

The building stood vacant for a while and was purchased in the 1980s for conversion to an office building; the developer improved the building seismically but did not complete the project.

MHA bought the vacant property on January 2, 1990 to use as the site for the Village.






 Your support helps those with mental illness live with quality and equality.



Full Service Approach

When the Village opened in 1989 there were 120 members served. This small size allowed the metaphorical "Village" culture to flourish; everybody knew everybody and the atmosphere was friendly and familial. By 2003 the number of Village members had soared to 476 and it was no longer possible for everybody to know everybody. At that time MHA Village restructured and divided into “neighborhood” teams that are about 125 members each and that include both case management and some specialty services (like financial planning and community integration).

There are 3 neighborhoods (Village West, Village East, & Village North) that were identical at their inception. Each neighborhood serves members at all levels of recovery. Each neighborhood has:

  • 1 Director
  • 1 Assistant Director
  • 1 Psychiatrist
  • 1 Finanical Planner
  • 1 Community Integration Specialist
  • 9 Personal Service Coordinators (at least 1 RN or LPT/LVN)

Licenses are not required for any position (other than the Nurse and Psychiatrist) and the roles of the licensed staff in each neighborhood vary. Some Directors & Associate Directors are licensed, some PSCs are licensed.

Each neighborhood has evolved and each has its own unique culture and internal operations. MHA Village PSCs do not have assigned caseloads and instead the entire team provides services to all members on the team. Housing & Employment Support are included in every PSC's daily work.

Two new specialized teams were developed recently:

  • Welcoming Team: helps members transition from receiving services in the homeless assistance program to being enrolled on a Village neighborhood
  • Village Horizon Services: provides field capable clinical services (FCCS) to Village members at a stage in their recovery where the focus is on establishing and maintaining meaningful community roles and natural supports.